About this product

As a crucial part of the Crankshaft & Piston system, the Engine-Fuel Nut (#90179-10123) in a Toyota vehicle plays a pivotal role in securing various components together, helping maintain the system's high-performance level. As the engine operates, it ensures a robust and sturdy connection, essential for the smooth running of the vehicle. However, with time and usage, the Nut (#90179-10123) may get worn-out, risking the loosening of crucial components. Thus, regular replacement of this part with genuine Toyota Autoparts is recommended. Genuine parts not only foster perfect vehicle compatibility but are also safeguarded by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A malfunctioning, old or non-functional Nut (#90179-10123) can lead to instability of components, leading to potential engine failure. On the other hand, a well-maintained Nut (#90179-10123) ensures the overall efficiency of the Crankshaft & Piston system, significantly enhancing the vehicle's safety and performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 13265-59025;90170-10005
Part Number 90179-10123

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