About this product

The Nut (#90179-14025), a vital component in Toyota's Drive-Chassis Front Axle Arm & Steering Knuckle system, as well as the Drive-Chassis Front and Rear Spring & Shock Absorber systems, plays a crucial role in maintaining the vehicle's stability and alignment. It safely secures other vehicle parts in place, enabling smooth vehicle operation. Genuine Toyota nuts are highly recommended for vehicle compatibility and come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. As the Nut (#90179-14025) ages, it may become worn, leading to a loose grip on the parts it secures. This could compromise the stability and safety of the vehicle, affecting the smooth functioning of the related systems. Regular replacement of the Nut (#90179-14025) is important to maintain the vehicle's optimal performance and safety. A well-maintained Nut (#90179-14025) contributes significantly to the overall efficiency and safety of the systems it is installed in.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 48820-60020
Part Number 90179-14025

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