Flange Nut

About this product

The Flange Nut (#90178-15003) is a pivotal Drive-Chassis part contained within the Front Steering Gear & Link system of your Toyota vehicle. Its crucial role is to ensure the secure fastening of various components within the system, contributing to the precise steering control and smooth vehicle operation. As the vehicle is in motion, the Flange Nut (#90178-15003) maintains the stability and integrity of the connected parts. Like any auto component, the Flange Nut (#90178-15003) is subject to wear and tear over time. When it becomes worn, loose, or damaged, steering control and safety can be significantly compromised. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts is recommended. Genuine parts not only offer compatibility with your vehicle but also come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, a well-maintained Flange Nut (#90178-15003) is instrumental in promoting the system's overall efficiency and the vehicle's safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 44200-48180;44200-48150;44200-48091
Part Number 90178-15003

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