About this product

The O-Ring (#90099-14088), a vital engine-fuel part in Toyota's distributor system, plays a major role in sealing connections in the fuel system. This simple, yet crucial component functions to prevent the escape of fuel, maintaining optimal pressure for efficient engine operation. Toyota's genuine O-Ring (#90099-14088) is designed to perfectly fit and perform seamlessly in your vehicle, backed by Toyota's parts warranty. Over time, O-Ring (#90099-14088)s can degrade or break due to exposure to harsh engine conditions. When faulty, it can lead to fuel leaks, reduced engine performance, or even a complete breakdown. Hence, the importance of its periodic replacement cannot be overstated. By maintaining the integrity of the fuel system, the O-Ring (#90099-14088) supports your vehicle's optimal fuel efficiency, power output, and contributes to overall safety by preventing fuel leaks.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90099-14018;90099-14111;93119-14018
Part Number 90099-14088

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