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The O-Ring (#90099-14092), a crucial component within the starter system of Toyota engines, plays a pivotal role in sealing connections in the fuel path. This Engine-Fuel part is particularly designed to prevent leaks that may cause fuel wastage or hazardous spills. As the engine operates, the O-Ring (#90099-14092) withstands high pressure and temperature variations, making it susceptible to wear and tear. Consequently, it is paramount to replace this component periodically to maintain the efficiency of the fuel distribution network. Ignoring this may lead to fuel leaks and impair the engine's performance. Toyota's genuine O-Ring (#90099-14092)s are precision-engineered to provide maximum compatibility with your vehicle. Additionally, Toyota backs these parts with their genuine parts warranty, adding an extra layer of confidence in their reliability and durability. All in all, the O-Ring (#90099-14092) plays an essential role in ensuring the fuel system's safety and efficiency, thus promoting the longevity and reliability of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90099-14092

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