Speaker Box Ornament

About this product

The Speaker Box Ornament (#86217-20050-02), an electrical component belonging to the Speaker system, plays a vital role in maintaining the aesthetic integrity of your Toyota vehicle. This ornament functions as a decorative cover for the speaker box, working in harmony with the interior design of the vehicle while protecting the speaker system from dust and debris. It is essential to replace the Speaker Box Ornament (#86217-20050-02) periodically as over time, it can become worn or damaged, reducing its effectiveness in protecting the speaker system. A faulty ornament may allow dust and debris to infiltrate the speaker box, thereby impairing the sound quality and possibly damaging the speaker system. By using genuine Toyota parts, you uphold your vehicle's compatibility, while being covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Optimum performance of the Speaker Box Ornament (#86217-20050-02) contributes markedly to the overall efficiency of your Toyota's speaker system, preserving the vehicle's interior aesthetic and sound quality.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 86217-20050-02
Color Name Red

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