Automatic Transmission Overhaul Kit

About this product

The Automatic Transmission Overhaul Kit (#04352-73010), a pivotal part of the Drive-Chassis system in the Transaxle or Transmission Assy & Gasket Kit, plays a significant role in maintaining optimal transmission of your Toyota vehicle. This kit includes multiple components, each crucial for the smooth operation of your car's automatic transmission system. The primary function of this kit is to refurbish the automatic transmission system, replacing worn-out or damaged parts. Over time, these parts are subject to wear and tear and may result in degraded performance if not replaced. A faulty or old kit can cause transmission failures, leading to serious safety and performance issues. By choosing genuine Toyota parts like the Automatic Transmission Overhaul Kit (#04352-73010), you benefit from superior compatibility with your vehicle. Furthermore, Toyota backs these parts with a genuine parts warranty. This kit is indeed vital in maintaining the efficiency and safety of your vehicle's transmission system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 04352-73010

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