Reserve Tank Cap Packing

About this product

The Reserve Tank Cap Packing (#16476-21180), a crucial component in Toyota's Radiator & Water Outlet system, plays an essential role in maintaining the fuel engine's efficiency and health. As part of the engine fuel system, it functions to secure the coolant reserve tank's cap, ensuring a tight seal to prevent leakage or contamination of the coolant. Featuring Toyota's genuine parts, this reserve cap packing ensures compatibility with specific vehicle models and is backed by Toyota's authentic parts warranty. However, over time, the packing may wear down, causing potential leaks or diminished sealing capacity. When it becomes old or broken, the risk of coolant leakage or contamination increases, potentially leading to overheating or engine damage. The Reserve Tank Cap Packing (#16476-21180), therefore, significantly contributes to the overall performance and safety of the vehicle, assisting in maintaining the engine's optimal temperature and preventing unnecessary engine wear or damage.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 16476-21180

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