Roof Side Garnish Packing

About this product

The Roof Side Garnish Packing (#75598-95D00) is an integral body part in the Moulding system of Toyota vehicles. It is designed to provide a weatherproof seal between the roof and the side garnish, preventing water and dust intrusion into the cabin. Like all genuine Toyota parts, Roof Side Garnish Packing (#75598-95D00) is engineered for perfect fitment and is backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. As time passes, the Garnish Packing can degrade, affecting its sealing capability. This could potentially lead to internal water leaks and damage to the interior of the vehicle. Therefore, it's crucial to replace this part periodically to maintain the integrity of the Moulding system. In conclusion, regular maintenance of the Roof Side Garnish Packing (#75598-95D00) contributes to the overall comfort, safety, and durability of your Toyota car.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75598-95D00

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