Rear Combination Packing

About this product

The Rear Combination Packing (#81554-21280) is a vital electrical component within Toyota's Rear Combination Lamp system. This part plays a primary role in maintaining the integrity and performance of the lighting system by ensuring a secure and complete electrical circuit, which is essential for the function of rear lights, brake lights, and indicators. Like other parts, the Rear Combination Packing (#81554-21280) is subject to wear and tear, and periodic replacement is necessary to prevent electrical failures, which can lead to unsafe driving conditions. Genuine Toyota parts, like the Rear Combination Packing (#81554-21280), are designed for compatibility with specific vehicle models, offering optimal performance and reliability. Being backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty affirms their quality, providing assurance of their durability and effectiveness. The efficiency of the Rear Combination Packing (#81554-21280) directly contributes to the overall safety of the vehicle by ensuring the functionality of vital lighting systems. This ensures clear communication with other drivers on the road, improving overall road safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 81554-21280

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