Washer Packing A

About this product

The Washer Packing A (#85336-30160), an electrical part in the Windshield Washer system, plays a crucial role in dispensing the washer fluid onto the windshield. It functions as a sealing and cushioning device, ensuring that the fluid is transferred without any leaks or pressure loss. The operation involves a mechanism of pressure regulation and fluid control. Over time, this part suffers wear and tear, and its periodic replacement is essential for the optimal function of the system. An old, broken, or non-functional Washer Packing A (#85336-30160) could result in fluid leakage or insufficient fluid dispensation, impairing the windshield's cleanliness and visibility. Using genuine Toyota parts like Washer Packing A (#85336-30160) ensures vehicle compatibility and is supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. This part significantly contributes to the safety and efficiency of the vehicle by enabling clear visibility, especially during adverse weather conditions.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 85336-30160

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