Access Panel Silencer Pad Inside

About this product

The Access Panel Silencer Pad Inside (#67816-0C010), a crucial body part in the Rear Door Panel & Glass system, primarily serves to reduce noise and vibration when the door is in use. It functions by absorbing sound waves and vibrations produced during the operation of the door, ensuring a quieter and smoother ride. This part, made compatible with your vehicle only when genuine, is under Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The necessity of its periodic replacement is paramount, as an old or broken Silencer Pad could fail to dampen the noise and vibrations effectively, leading to increased noise pollution inside the vehicle. By maintaining a well-functioning Access Panel Silensure Pad, you enhance the overall efficiency and safety of your vehicle, contributing to a more enjoyable and comfortable driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 67816-0C010

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