Body Outside Molding Pad

About this product

The Body Outside Molding Pad (#75696-0C060), a key component in Toyota's Rear Body Guard Frame & Tail Gate system, serves a primary role of providing reinforcement and protection to the vehicle's exterior. Embedded in the car's body, it takes on the brunt of road debris, thereby safeguarding other essential parts from potential damage. As with all genuine Toyota parts, the Body Outside Molding Pad (#75696-0C060) enhances vehicle compatibility and is supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. If the Molding Pad becomes worn, clogged, or dysfunctional, it can compromise the protection provided to the vehicle's exterior, leading to potential damage to surrounding parts. Therefore, periodic replacement is vital for the longevity of the vehicle. This part significantly contributes to the efficiency and safety of the system, as it aids in the prevention of damage to the vehicle's rear body guard frame and tail gate, ensuring smooth, uninterrupted operation.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75696-0C060

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