Cowl Side Silencer Pad

About this product

The Cowl Side Silencer Pad (#62151-12130), a critical component in the Side Member system of a vehicle, is tasked with absorbing and reducing noise from the engine compartment. Its strategic positioning ensures that passengers experience a quieter drive. Genuine Toyota parts like this silencer pad offer perfect compatibility with your vehicle. Just like every other part, the Cowl Side Silencer Pad (#62151-12130) also has a lifespan. As it ages, it loses its effectiveness, which can result in an increased level of noise inside the vehicle. This can have a negative impact on the driving experience. Therefore, periodic replacement of this auto part is recommended. Remember, genuine parts are backed by Toyota's parts warranty. By maintaining a serene environment inside the car, the Cowl Side Silencer Pad (#62151-12130) enhances the overall driving experience, contributing to both the efficiency and safety of the system in which it is installed.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 62151-12130

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