Door Cylinder Pad

About this product

The Door Cylinder Pad (#69513-32010), a key body part within the Lock Cylinder Set system, is the protective layer that cushions the lock cylinder's operation within the vehicle door. It works in conjunction with the lock and key mechanism, aiding in smooth operation. Using genuine parts like this, specifically tailored for Toyota vehicles, can drastically improve compatibility and longevity. If the Door Cylinder Pad (#69513-32010) becomes worn out, clogged, or damaged, the lock cylinder operation could become noisy or even hindered. It's crucial to replace this component periodically to prevent damage to the lock cylinder set and to ensure your vehicle door operates smoothly and quietly. Under Toyota's genuine parts warranty, this pad is covered, offering an extra layer of assurance. This small but vital part contributes to the overall function and safety of your vehicle, ensuring the door lock system operates optimally.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 69513-38010;69513-87001;69513-90A00;69513-01010
Part Number 69513-32010

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