Front Door Silencer Pad

About this product

The Front Door Silencer Pad (#67811-12180), a vital part of the Body Front Door Panel & Glass and Body Rear Door Panel & Glass systems, plays a crucial role in reducing noise and vibration. When the door shuts, the pad absorbs the impact, ensuring a soft and quiet closure. Composed of resilient materials, it also works to prevent metal-on-metal clattering, thus extending the life of the door components. However, over time, the pad can wear down or become compromised and may require replacement. If left unchecked, a worn-out pad can result in louder door closures and potential damage to door components. Genuine Toyota Front Door Silencer Pad (#67811-12180)s offer ideal compatibility with your vehicle, and they are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By reducing noise and protecting the door, this component enhances the overall driving experience and vehicle longevity.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 67811-12180

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