Hood Hinge Pad #2

About this product

The Toyota Hood Hinge Pad #2 (#53498-14040), a crucial part of the Hood Lock & Hinge system, shields the vehicle's hood from the metal-to-metal contact that can occur with the hinge. This part prevents wear, damage, and unnecessary noise. As time passes, the Hood Hinge Pad #2 (#53498-14040) can deteriorate, leading to the potential for scratches or more severe damage to the hood. Consequently, periodic replacement is necessary. By utilizing genuine Toyota parts, you benefit from better compatibility with your vehicle. Plus, these parts are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Overall, replacing your Hood Hinge Pad #2 (#53498-14040) as needed contributes to the system's longevity and your vehicle's aesthetic appeal, keeping your Toyota running smoothly and looking great.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 53498-14040

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