Noise Shutter Pad #1

About this product

The Noise Shutter Pad #1 (#61824-12120), a key component in the Front Door Panel & Glass system, plays a vital role in maintaining the quiet and comfort within your Toyota vehicle. The primary function of this body part is to absorb and dampen unwanted noise produced while the vehicle is in operation. As part of the overall system, the Noise Shutter Pad #1 (#61824-12120) works in conjunction with other components like the window regulator and door lock to ensure smooth and noise-free operation. However, over time, the Noise Shutter Pad #1 (#61824-12120) can wear out or become damaged and should be replaced to maintain optimal performance. A faulty Shutter Pad may result in increased noise levels inside the car, making your ride less comfortable. Genuine Toyota parts like the Noise Shutter Pad #1 (#61824-12120) not only offer perfect compatibility with your vehicle but are also backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. By functioning as intended, this part significantly contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of your Toyota vehicle, providing you with a quiet, comfortable, and hassle-free ride.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 61825-42010;62475-20240;62939-22030;64273-17020;67481-17010;67533-33030;67610-3H290-A0;67610-3H290-G0;67610-3H300-A0;67610-3H300-G0;67610-3H310-A0;67610-3H310-G0;67660-32010-A0;67660-32010-G0;67660-32020-A0;67660-32020-G0;67660-32030-A0;67660-32030-G0;67713-32050;67846-32030;68194-50010;68195-50010 More
Part Number 61824-12120

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