Spare Wheel Cover Pad #2

About this product

The Spare Wheel Cover Pad #2 (#64773-0R030), a crucial component within the Inside Trim Board system of Toyota vehicles, serves a primary role in protecting the spare tire from dust, debris, and other potential damage. This auto part, considered a body part, ensures that the spare wheel remains in optimal condition until needed. Genuine Toyota parts, like the Spare Wheel Cover Pad #2 (#64773-0R030), provide optimal compatibility with your vehicle and are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Over time, this part might wear out or become dirty, potentially exposing the spare tire to hazardous elements. Consequently, periodic replacement is advised to maintain the integrity of the spare wheel. Ultimately, having an intact Spare Wheel Cover Pad #2 (#64773-0R030) contributes to the overall safety of your vehicle by keeping the spare wheel ready for use in emergency situations.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64773-0R030

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