Instrument Panel Pad Sub-Assembly Lower Left Hand

About this product

The Instrument Panel Pad Sub-Assembly Lower Left Hand (#55403-60101-C4), a vital Body part of the Instrument Panel & Glove Compartment system, is designed to shield the internal mechanisms of your vehicle. As the name suggests, it serves as a protective layer, safeguarding the instrument panel from potential damage and reducing the noise produced during driving. This part is often subjected to wear and tear due to its positioning and intense use; its deterioration could lead to unwanted exposure of the dashboard components. Over time, a worn-out Instrument Panel Pad Sub-Assembly Lower Left Hand (#55403-60101-C4) may fail to effectively insulate the dashboard, allowing noise, vibration, and potential damage to intrude. This necessitates its periodic replacement with genuine parts for proper vehicle compatibility - backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. When functional and well-maintained, this component enhances the overall driving experience by ensuring a quieter, smoother ride and contributes to the safety and efficiency of the system it serves.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 55403-60100-C4
Part Number 55403-60101-C4

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