Ctr Floor Pan Sub-Assembly Front

About this product

The Ctr Floor Pan Sub-Assembly Front (#58202-42040) is a vital component in Toyota's Body Floor Pan & Lower Back Panel and Body Rear Floor Panel & Rear Floor Member systems. Its primary role is to provide a solid and sturdy base structure for the vehicle, aiding in overall stability. This part interacts with various components, forming a critical part of the car's structural integrity. Over time, this part may suffer from wear and tear or even rust. If not replaced, the vehicle's structure could weaken, impacting safety and performance. Hence, periodic replacement of the part is recommended. Opting for genuine Toyota parts maintains vehicle compatibility, backed by Toyota’s genuine parts warranty. The Ctr Floor Pan Sub-Assembly Front (#58202-42040) contributes significantly to safety, providing a stable base for your car, thereby enhancing the overall efficiency of the vehicle's systems.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 58202-42040

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