Back Door Trim Panel Assembly

About this product

The Back Door Trim Panel Assembly (#64780-35051-B0), a Body part in the Back Door Panel & Glass system of Toyota vehicles, serves a crucial role in providing aesthetic appeal and damage protection. This assembly consists of a trim panel that fits over the interior side of the back door, concealing the door's internal components and safeguarding them against damage. Over time, the assembly can wear out, become damaged, or become loose. In such cases, it is vital to replace it with a genuine Toyota part, which assures compatibility with the vehicle. Toyota backs these genuine parts with a comprehensive parts warranty. Failure to replace a worn-out Back Door Trim Panel Assembly (#64780-35051-B0) may expose the door's internal mechanisms to harm, affecting the system's overall efficiency. In conclusion, this part not only enhances the vehicle's interior aesthetics but also plays a pivotal role in protecting the crucial components of the back door system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 64780-35050-B0
Part Number 64780-35051-B0
Color Name Dk.Gray

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