Roof Side Panel Outer Left Hand

About this product

The Roof Side Panel Outer Left Hand (#61712-62010), a crucial Body part in the Side Member system for Toyota vehicles, plays a pivotal role in upholding the structural integrity of the car. This part forms the exterior layer of the car's roof, shielding occupants from outside elements and contributing to the vehicle's overall aesthetic appeal. Its function is directly tied with other body components to provide a cohesive shell for the vehicle. Like all parts, the Roof Side Panel Outer Left Hand (#61712-62010) can wear down or suffer damage over time. If left unchecked, it can compromise the car's structural integrity, leaving passengers potentially exposed to harsh weather conditions or even debris while on the road. Replacement with genuine Toyota parts not only assures vehicle compatibility but also offers peace of mind with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Ultimately, the Roof Side Panel Outer Left Hand (#61712-62010) is instrumental in both the safety and efficiency of the vehicle, contributing to an optimal driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 61712-62010

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