Rocker Panel Sub-Assembly Outer Left Hand

About this product

The Rocker Panel Sub-Assembly Outer Left Hand (#61402-62900) is a crucial component within the Side Member system of the Body category for Toyota vehicles. This part plays an indispensable role in maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle, serving as a supportive beam between the front and rear wheel wells. It is integral to the car's frame and contributes to the overall safety of the vehicle. As with any other part, it is crucial to replace it periodically to avoid potential structural weakening or even failure due to age or damage. Genuine Toyota parts offer superior compatibility with your vehicle and are supported by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. A faulty or worn-out Rocker Panel Sub-Assembly Outer Left Hand (#61402-62900) could compromise vehicle safety and performance. Hence, maintaining its condition is instrumental in preserving the vehicle's structural stability and safety.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 61402-62900

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