Roof Side Panel Sub-Assembly Outer Right Hand

About this product

The Roof Side Panel Sub-Assembly Outer Right Hand (#61701-06030), a critical part of Toyota's Side Member system, serves a primary role in maintaining the stability and integrity of the vehicle structure. It forms the external frame of the roof, contributing to the overall vehicle rigidity and safety. Genuine Toyota parts are specifically designed for optimal compatibility with your vehicle, enhancing its reliability and overall performance. Over time, this part could succumb to wear and tear, compromising its structural integrity and posing a safety risk. A damaged or old Roof Side Panel Sub Assembly Outer can cause misalignment and potentially compromise the vehicle's safety. Toyota's genuine parts warranty ensures you receive a quality replacement, maintaining your vehicle's impeccable standards. This auto part significantly contributes to the vehicle's safety and stability, making it an essential component of the Side Member system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 61701-06030

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