Upper Back Panel Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Upper Back Panel Sub-Assembly (#64101-62020), a vital component of the Roof Panel & Back Window Glass system, provides structural integrity to the vehicle. This Body part offers a critical role in ensuring the vehicle's overall safety and balance. Composed of high-grade materials, this Toyota genuine part is designed for compatibility with your vehicle, delivering efficient performance. Because of its significant role, it may require periodic replacement. If left unchecked, an aged or broken Upper Back Panel Sub-Assembly (#64101-62020) may compromise the vehicle's structural integrity, posing safety risks. All genuine Toyota parts, including the Upper Back Panel Sub-Assembly (#64101-62020), carry with them Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering additional peace of mind. Ultimately, this part significantly contributes to your vehicle's safety and efficiency, making it an integral piece in the Toyota vehicle system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 64101-62020

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