Pantograph Jack Assembly

About this product

The Pantograph Jack Assembly (#09110-28110), a critical component of the Engine-Fuel section within the Standard Tool system, plays a pivotal role in lifting the vehicle, enabling easy access for maintenance or repair tasks. The functioning of the jack assembly relies on its interlinked, parallelogram-like mechanical design, which expands and contracts to elevate or lower the car. Like other components, the Pantograph Jack Assembly (#09110-28110) has a wear and tear cycle and requires timely replacement. An old, worn out or faulty jack can lead to unstable lifting, risking damage to the vehicle and potentially causing safety hazards. This part directly contributes to the safety and efficiency of vehicle maintenance procedures. Genuine Toyota parts like the Pantograph Jack Assembly (#09110-28110) are recommended for their compatibility with the vehicle and are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Therefore, it is crucial to invest in authentic parts not only for their quality but also for the assurance of vehicle compatibility and warranty.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 09111-95D00;09111-28050
Part Number 09110-28110

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