Cooling Unit Parts

About this product

The Cooling Unit Parts (#88899-06260), crucial to Toyota's Electrical Heating & Air Conditioning systems, work tirelessly to regulate temperature, providing a comfortable in-car environment. Operating within the Control & Air Duct and Cooler Unit systems, they assist in the heat exchange process, controlling airflow and temperature inside the vehicle. As with all components, the Cooling Unit Parts (#88899-06260) require timely replacement. If neglected, an ageing or blocked part could impede system performance, leading to inefficient cooling or overheating, which could strain the vehicle's engine. Genuine Toyota parts offer seamless compatibility, enhancing system performance. Remember, all genuine parts from Toyota come with a parts warranty, providing you peace of mind. This integral component not only ensures vehicle comfort, but also significantly contributes to the safe and efficient operation of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 88899-06260

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