Ctr Body Pillar Outer Left Hand

About this product

The Ctr Body Pillar Outer Left Hand (#61312-0T010), a crucial component in Toyota's Side Member system, plays a significant role in the structural integrity of the vehicle. This part fortifies the car's chassis, providing stability and safety during operation. Utilizing genuine Toyota parts like the Ctr Body Pillar Outer Left Hand (#61312-0T010) ensures optimal vehicle compatibility, resulting in a seamless fit and performance. As with any auto part, periodic replacement of the Ctr Body Pillar Outer Left Hand (#61312-0T010) is vital to maintain its functionality and the safety of your vehicle. Over time, this part can wear out, leading to compromised structural stability that may result in severe safety risks. When in optimal condition, the Ctr Body Pillar Outer Left Hand (#61312-0T010) significantly contributes to the overall safety of the vehicle by maintaining its rigid structure, thus enhancing the car's resistance to external impacts. Remember, all genuine Toyota parts come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 61312-0T010

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