Straight Pin

About this product

The Straight Pin (#90250-05025), a crucial component in Toyota's Drive-Chassis Transfer Case & Extension Housing system, and Drive-Chassis Transfer Oil Pump system, plays a role in maintaining the alignment of specific parts within these systems. This alignment, facilitated by the Straight Pin (#90250-05025), aids in smooth, efficient operation, contributing to the overall performance of the vehicle. Over time, the Straight Pin (#90250-05025) may wear out or become damaged, which could affect the alignment and operation of the associated system. This necessitates the periodic replacement of this part using genuine Toyota parts. These parts offer superior compatibility with your vehicle and are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Failure to replace an aged or damaged Straight Pin (#90250-05025) could lead to mechanical issues, potentially impacting the safety and efficiency of your Toyota vehicle. Therefore, maintaining the Straight Pin (#90250-05025) is vital for optimal vehicle performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90250-05025

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