Straight Pin

About this product

The Straight Pin (#90250-06042), a key Drive-Chassis part in the Gear Shift Fork & Lever Shaft (Mtm) system at Toyota Autoparts, plays a vital role in gear shifting operation. It essentially holds the shift lever and fork together, enabling the driver to smoothly transition between gears. The pin works in conjunction with the shift fork and lever, reinforcing the shifting mechanism. However, like any other auto part, the Straight Pin (#90250-06042) is susceptible to wear and tear, and it's necessary to replace it periodically. A worn, clogged or broken Straight Pin (#90250-06042) can lead to problems in gear shifting which could affect the vehicle's performance and safety. Using genuine Toyota parts ensures vehicle compatibility and they are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, reinforcing the reliability of the Straight Pin (#90250-06042). This part greatly improves the efficiency of gear-shifting and overall driving safety, making it an integral part of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 90250-06042

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