Straight Pin

About this product

An integral component in the Engine-Fuel engine systems is the Straight Pin (#90250-10030). This humble part operates quietly within the Cylinder Block, Cylinder Head, and Oil Pump systems. Its primary role is to secure and align other components, ensuring seamless, efficient function within the engine. Like all car parts, the Straight Pin (#90250-10030) may wear out over time. A worn, clogged, or broken pin can lead to misalignment, causing increased friction, system inefficiency, and potentially even engine damage. This makes timely replacement crucial. Choosing genuine Toyota parts, like our Straight Pin (#90250-10030), optimizes compatibility with your vehicle. All Toyota genuine parts come with our solid parts warranty. In conclusion, the Straight Pin (#90250-10030) plays a pivotal, albeit under-recognized role, in maintaining engine efficiency and safety, making its upkeep vital for your vehicle's health.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 90250-T0019;90250-A0017
Part Number 90250-10030

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