Sub Seat Cushion Pin

About this product

The Sub Seat Cushion Pin (#78738-0C010), a critical part within Toyota's Body Front Seat & Seat Track and Body Seat & Seat Track systems, plays a fundamental role in maintaining the position and stability of the vehicle's seat cushions. This pin functions by securing the cushions to the seat structure, allowing for a comfortable and safe seating position for passengers and drivers. Genuine Toyota Sub Seat Cushion Pin (#78738-0C010)s offer the advantage of perfect compatibility with your vehicle, and are supported by Toyota’s genuine parts warranty. If this pin becomes damaged or worn out, the seat cushion may shift or move, potentially compromising passenger comfort and safety. Periodic replacement of the Sub Seat Cushion Pin (#78738-0C010) is therefore crucial. This not only enhances the overall safety and comfort of the vehicle but also contributes to the efficient operation of the seat systems in your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 78738-0C010

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