Fuel Vapor Feed Pipe

About this product

The Fuel Vapor Feed Pipe (#23818-37030), a pivotal component in Toyota's Vacuum Piping system, plays a primary role in regulating engine emissions. As an Engine-Fuel part, this pipe transports fuel vapors from the vehicle's fuel tank to the engine, allowing the vapors to be burned and reduce harmful emissions. When operating optimally, this pipe contributes significantly to the vehicle's environmental efficiency. However, with age or damage, the Fuel Vapor Feed Pipe (#23818-37030) can become clogged or non-functional, leading to excess emissions, decreased engine performance, or possible engine damage. Consequently, periodic replacement is essential for maintaining overall vehicle health — particularly as genuine Toyota parts uphold compatibility and are covered by Toyota's parts warranty. With a well-maintained Fuel Vapor Feed Pipe (#23818-37030), your Toyota can continue running efficiently and cleanly, keeping emissions low and performance high.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 23818-37030

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