Oil Receiver Pipe Sub-Assembly

About this product

The Oil Receiver Pipe Sub-Assembly (#33106-30040) is a critical Drive-Chassis part nestled within the Extension Housing (Mtm) system in Toyota vehicles. This auto part plays a pivotal role in maintaining proper lubrication for the vehicle's drivetrain. It collects and redistributes oil, providing smooth operation of transmission components. Original, genuine Toyota parts are essential for optimum vehicle compatibility. They are designed to meet Toyota's quality standards and are covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. However, like many other auto parts, the Oil Receiver Pipe Sub-Assembly (#33106-30040) may wear out, become clogged or damaged over time. If left unchecked, this could lead to inadequate lubrication, resulting in increased friction, overheating, and potentially catastrophic transmission failure. In conclusion, by ensuring the smooth circulation of oil, the Oil Receiver Pipe Sub-Assembly (#33106-30040) directly contributes to the overall efficiency and safety of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 33106-30040

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