Transmission Oil Pipe

About this product

The Transmission Oil Pipe (#33129-60040), a Drive-Chassis part within the Valve Body & Oil Strainer (Atm) system, plays a pivotal role in the seamless operation of your Toyota vehicle. It primarily serves to transport transmission fluid from the transmission oil cooler to the transmission itself, ensuring smooth gear transitions and minimizing heat build-up. Over time, this pipe may get clogged, grow old, or break, leading to inadequate fluid flow and potentially causing gearbox malfunctions, overheating issues, and even complete transmission failure. Replacement with genuine Toyota autparts not only ensures vehicle compatibility but also brings with it Toyota's parts warranty, providing you with peace of mind. In essence, the Transmission Oil Pipe (#33129-60040) significantly contributes to your vehicle's efficiency and safety, making it a paramount part needing careful attention and timely maintenance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 33129-60040

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