Water Bypass Pipe

About this product

The Water By-Passenger Pipe (#16268-22071), an integral part of the Short Block Assembly system in Toyota's Engine-Fuel category, plays a crucial role in regulating engine temperature. During normal operation, this pipe allows coolant to bypass the radiator, providing a route for the coolant to return to the engine when the thermostatic valve is closed. This piping system needs to be periodically replaced. A worn out or clogged pipe can impede the flow of coolant, potentially leading to engine overheating or internal damage. Using genuine Toyota parts is crucial for optimal compatibility and performance, plus they come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Apart from preventing the engine from overheating, a well-functioning Water By-Passenger Pipe (#16268-22071) contributes to the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle by promoting optimal engine temperature. Therefore, it's a small but significant part that enhances both safety and performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 11400-22050;11400-22051;11400-22060;11400-22061;11400-22100;11410-29035;11410-29065;11410-29066;11410-29085;11410-29086;11410-29135;16268-22070;19000-22150;19000-22151 More
Part Number 16268-22071

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