Forward Clutch Piston

About this product

The Forward Clutch Piston (#35612-12072), a critical Drive-Chassis component in Toyota's Transaxle Assy(Cvt) system, merits timely attention. This piston's primary role is to engage and disengage the forward gear, ensuring seamless transition between different driving speeds. It does this by transferring hydraulic pressure to the Forward Clutch Pack, causing it to engage. Periodic replacement of this part is crucial as an old or clogged piston can result in erratic shifts or transmission slippage, negatively impacting the vehicle's performance. In severe cases, a faulty piston could even render the vehicle non-drivable, posing significant safety concerns. By choosing genuine Toyota parts, you facilitate vehicle compatibility and enjoy the assurance of Toyota's parts warranty. Notably, a well-maintained Forward Clutch Piston (#35612-12072) contributes to the overall efficiency of the Transaxle Assy(Cvt) system, thereby enhancing your car's reliability and performance.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 35612-02010
Part Number 35612-12072

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