Plate Accelerator

About this product

The Toyota Plate Accelerator (#SU003-00986), a key component in the Accelerator Link system, is integral to providing seamless acceleration control for your vehicle. This significant body part functions by translating the driver's foot movement into mechanical action, modulating fuel intake and, consequently, the vehicle's speed. To maintain optimum performance, it's essential to replace this part periodically. An old or malfunctioning Plate Accelerator (#SU003-00986) may result in erratic speed control or even total loss of acceleration. Authentic Toyota parts are paramount for vehicle compatibility, and the Plate Accelerator (#SU003-00986) is no exception. Genuine parts are backed by Toyota's parts warranty, offering peace of mind and assurance of quality. Ultimately, the Plate Accelerator (#SU003-00986) plays a critical role in maintaining driving efficiency and safety, contributing to a more refined and responsive driving experience. Regularly replacing this part can help keep your Toyota running smoothly for years to come.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number SU003-00986

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