Brake Cushion Plate

About this product

The Brake Cushion Plate (#35671-60010), a key Drive-Chassis component in Toyota's Center Support & Planetary Sun Gear system, plays a critical role in providing efficient braking and minimizing wear on the surrounding parts. This plate absorbs and dissipates the impact energy produced when the brakes are applied, reducing strain on the brake assembly and enhancing its lifespan. Over time, this part may deteriorate due to the constant pressure and heat it is exposed to. If neglected, an old or damaged Brake Cushion Plate (#35671-60010) could compromise the braking system's performance, potentially leading to brake failure. Thus, periodic replacement of this part is crucial. By using genuine Toyota parts, you can increase the compatibility and longevity of your vehicle. Plus, Toyota backs up its genuine parts with a solid warranty. In sum, the Brake Cushion Plate (#35671-60010) is an indispensable component in ensuring a safe and efficient braking system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 35671-60010

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