Door Scuff Outside Plate Right Hand

About this product

The Door Scuff Outside Plate Right Hand (#67911-35010), a pivotal Body part in Toyota's Inside Trim Board system, is key to maintaining the car's aesthetic appeal and structural integrity. This component shields the car door from everyday scuffs and scratches, keeping it in pristine condition. Just like any other part, the Door Scuff Outside Plate Right Hand (#67911-35010) can wear out with time and use. An aged or damaged plate might not provide the necessary protection which could lead to a worn-out look and possibly impact the vehicle's resale value. Hence, periodic replacement of this part is essential. Toyota provides genuine parts that are designed specifically for your vehicle, enhancing its compatibility. These parts are also covered by Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In the grand scheme, a well-maintained Door Scuff Outside Plate Right Hand (#67911-35010) can contribute to the car's overall preservation and long-term value.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 67911-35010

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