Front Seat Belt Anchor Plate

About this product

The Front Seat Belt Anchor Plate (#73214-0E010) is an integral part of the Body Seat Belt and Child Restraint Seat systems in Toyota vehicles. This auto part serves as the primary point of attachment for the seat belt, securing passengers in place during travel. Genuine Front Seat Belt Anchor Plate (#73214-0E010)s from Toyota are specifically designed to be compatible with your vehicle, offering smooth operation and optimal safety. Over time, these Anchor Plates can wear out or become damaged, affecting their performance. Worn or broken Anchor Plates compromise the effectiveness of the seat belt, raising safety concerns. Periodic replacement is vital to maintain the safety and function of the system. Toyota's genuine parts warranty backs all our Front Seat Belt Anchor Plate (#73214-0E010)s. By contributing to passenger safety, this component plays a significant role in the overall efficiency and safety of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Previous Version(s) 71120-0E040;72020-02490;72020-02480;72010-02500;71620-08040;71620-08030;71620-08020;71620-08010;71620-06361;71620-06351;71620-06341;71610-08030;71610-08020;71610-06372;71610-06371;71610-06362;71610-06361;71610-06342;71610-06341;71120-0E070;71120-0E060;71120-0E050;71120-0E030;71120-0C261;71120-0C251;71120-0C191;71120-0C171;71110-0E090;71110-0E080;71110-0E070;71110-0E060;71110-0E050;71110-0C161;71110-0C151;71110-0C141 More
Part Number 73214-0E010

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