Frame Ctr Crossmember Plate

About this product

The Frame Ctr Crossmember Plate (#51236-62010), a pivotal component in the Floor Side Member system, plays a vital role in the structural integrity of a vehicle. This component provides lateral support, reinforcing the vehicle's frame and improving stability. As part of the frame structure, it interacts directly with the undercarriage parts, helping to maintain alignment and overall balance. However, over time, this plate may become compromised due to wear, rust, or damage from harsh road conditions. A faulty Frame Ctr Crossmember Plate (#51236-62010) can lead to structural weakness, affecting the vehicle's stability and safety. Therefore, periodic replacement with genuine Toyota parts is recommended. Toyota's genuine parts not only ensure compatibility but also carry Toyota's genuine parts warranty. In conclusion, maintaining the Frame Ctr Crossmember Plate (#51236-62010)'s optimal condition significantly contributes to the vehicle's safety and overall operational efficiency. A well-maintained Frame Ctr Crossmember Plate (#51236-62010) helps secure the vehicle's frame, leading to a safer and smoother driving experience.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 51236-62010

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