Fuel Caution Plate

About this product

The Fuel Caution Plate (#74559-14030), used in Toyota's Body Caution Plate systems, is a critical auto part responsible for providing vital information about the vehicle's fuel system. Positioned within the interior and exterior of the vehicle, it communicates safety instructions, warnings, and specifications related to the fuel system. This genuine Toyota part, backed by their warranty, ensures compatibility and superior performance. Over time, the Fuel Caution Plate (#74559-14030) can wear out or become obscured, making the information unreadable. A damaged or faded plate can lead to incorrect fueling practices or safety risks. Hence, periodic replacement is crucial. By offering clear, accurate fuel-related information, the Fuel Caution Plate (#74559-14030) helps maintain the efficiency of the vehicle's fuel system and ensures the safety of the vehicle's occupants.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 74559-14030

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