Luggage Compartment Door Name Plate #2

About this product

The Luggage Compartment Door Name Plate #2 (#75442-08020), an integral part of Toyota's Emblem & Name Plate system, chiefly serves as an identifying marker. It distinctly labels the vehicle's model and edition, assisting in vehicle recognition and compatibility. This Body part, crafted to precise specifications, fits seamlessly within the system, maintaining the vehicle's aesthetic appeal. It is critical to periodically replace this part, especially when it becomes worn or damaged, to maintain the vehicle's identification. Faded or broken Name Plates can lead to confusion regarding a vehicle's model or version. Choosing genuine Toyota parts brings the added advantage of Toyota's genuine parts warranty. The Luggage Compartment Door Name Plate #2 (#75442-08020), while primarily informational, aids in the efficient operation of the system by keeping the vehicle's identification clear and legible at all times.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75442-08020

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