Noise Control Plate #1

About this product

The Noise Control Plate #1 (#61824-52070), a body part in the Roof Panel & Back Window Glass system of a Toyota vehicle, plays a key role in mitigating unwanted noise from the exterior. A functioning Noise Control Plate #1 (#61824-52070) aids in creating a quieter, more pleasant driving experience by reducing the amount of exterior noise that penetrates the cabin. Over time, as with any car part, the Noise Control Plate #1 (#61824-52070) can wear out, becoming less effective. When the Noise Control Plate #1 (#61824-52070) fails or becomes impaired, occupants may notice increased external noise levels in the cabin. Choosing genuine Toyota parts, such as the Noise Control Plate #1 (#61824-52070), is beneficial for ensuring compatibility with your vehicle. Additionally, genuine parts are backed by Toyota's genuine parts warranty, offering further peace of mind to the vehicle owner. The Noise Control Plate #1 (#61824-52070) is integral to the overall efficiency of the Roof Panel & Back Window Glass system and contributes significantly to the comfort and satisfaction of vehicle occupants.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 61824-52070

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