Pad Wear Indicator Plate

About this product

The Pad Wear Indicator Plate (#47771-72010), a Drive-Chassis component, plays a critical role within the Rear Disc Brake Caliper & Dust Cover system in any Toyota vehicle. As the name implies, this part serves as an early-warning system indicating when brake pads are nearing their wear limit. When brake pads wear down, it brings the indicator into contact with the rotor, causing a squealing noise that alerts the driver of a necessary brake pad replacement. Using genuine Toyota parts, including the Pad Wear Indicator Plate (#47771-72010), ensures optimal compatibility and performance matching. Plus, they are covered by Toyota’s genuine parts warranty. Neglecting this part's timely replacement can lead to worn-out brake pads, resulting in potential brake failure and compromising road safety. Thus, maintaining this small but significant part significantly contributes to the safe and efficient operation of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 47771-72010

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