Rear Name Plate

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The Rear Name Plate (#75471-17140), a crucial part of the Emblem & Rear Name Plate (#75471-17140) system, serves primarily as a Body part in Toyota vehicles. It has a significant role in enhancing the aesthetic appeal and brand identification. Genuine Rear Name Plate (#75471-17140)s from Toyota are particularly beneficial because they are designed with perfect compatibility for specific Toyota models in mind. Moreover, Toyota backs these genuine parts with an exclusive warranty. Over time, the Rear Name Plate (#75471-17140) may wear out, fade, or even break due to exposure to external elements like harsh weather conditions or minor accidents. A worn-out or broken Rear Name Plate (#75471-17140) could undermine the vehicle's appearance and decrease its resale value. Hence, it is advisable to replace it periodically. In conclusion, although the Rear Name Plate (#75471-17140) does not directly impact the vehicle's efficiency or safety, it does play a vital role in maintaining the vehicle's aesthetics and brand value.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 75471-17140

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