Shift Inter Lock Plate

About this product

The Shift Inter Lock Plate (#33266-17040) is a vital Drive-Chassis auto part in Toyota's Gear Shift Fork & Lever Shaft system (Manual Transmission). This component helps to regulate the shift lever function, preventing unintentional gear changes and ensuring smooth transmission operation. Employing genuine parts like this is crucial for vehicle compatibility and they also come with Toyota's genuine parts warranty. Being a mechanical item, wear and tear over time can lead to malfunction or inefficacy. If the Shift Inter Lock Plate (#33266-17040) is old, broken, or clogged, it may result in erratic shifting, potential transmission damage, and unsafe driving conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to replace it periodically. Ultimately, this part plays an indispensable role in maintaining the overall safety and efficiency of your vehicle's transmission system.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 33266-17040

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