Side Trim Base Plate #1

About this product

The Side Trim Base Plate #1 (#62591-0C010), a vital component in the Inside Trim Board system, serves as a foundational piece for the side trim of your Toyota vehicle. Functioning as the main support, it upholds other elements of the trim, helping to maintain the vehicle's aesthetic appeal while providing necessary protection against potential impacts. The genuine Side Trim Base Plate #1 (#62591-0C010), designed with Toyota's precision engineering, ensures perfect compatibility with your vehicle, enhancing safety and durability. Toyota supports this part with its genuine parts warranty. However, the base plate can wear out over time or due to heavy use and impact, necessitating replacement. Failing to replace an old or damaged base plate can lead to decreased durability of the side trim, potentially risking the integrity of the vehicle's interior. In essence, the Side Trim Base Plate #1 (#62591-0C010) bolsters the Inside Trim Board system's efficiency by providing a sturdy base, therefore contributing to the overall safety and aesthetic appeal of your Toyota vehicle.
Brand Toyota Genuine
Part Number 62591-0C010

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